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On-Board Diagnostics Connectors made by Schützinger

Modern vehicles have an integrated electronic Diagnostics System – On-Board Diagnostics (OBD).
OBD systems provide real-time data about the status of the various vehicle sub-systems. For the extern diagnosis the OBD-II socket is provided. In Europe they are required for all new registered vehicles. The requirements regarding OBD-II connector are so diverse as the number of their applications. Mating circles in the double-digit range are sufficient for a simple diagnostic tool for a hobby mechanic. While by professional tools five to ten thousands mating circles can be easily achieved. The applications, used in operated vehicles, involve totally different criteria. The surface condition of the plug contacts must also meet the same requirements. We are constantly expanding our range of services in this area.
We will be happy to advise you about the solution suitable for you.

OBD II Connectors and sets3 Products
DetailsOBD connector
OBDST 7388 AURO / 24V / SW
DetailsSet with OBD II connector
SET 7461 / OBD II / 24V / GB / 8 / SW
SET 7461 / OBD II / 24V / GF / 8 / SW
DetailsSet with OBD II connector
SET 7471 / OBD II / 24V / GB / 11 / SW
SET 7471 / OBD II / 24V / GF / 11 / SW
OBD II sockets and sets2 Products
DetailsOBD II socket
OBDBU 7640 Au / 24V / SW
DetailsSet with OBD II socket
SET 8140 / OBDBU II / 24V / GB / 8 / SW
SET 8140 / OBDBU II / 24V / GF / 8 / SW

OBD breakout box

The breakout box provides direct access to the individual pins of both the OBD II connector and OBD II socket. That means it can be used for reliable contacting with conventional measuring accessories, e.g. the MSFK A341 / 1 / ..(length) / ..(colour), thereby replacing the fault-prone contacting with terminals at the pins.

  • To ensure that the contacts are looped through via the connecting plug, the box can be switched between the vehicle-end OBD II socket and diagnostic device. Faults can be simulated by removing the connecting plug.
  • The compact design is just as advantageous when used in the vehicle as in the laboratory or on the desk.
  • All contacts are made from high-quality materials to provide the greatest possible contact reliability and performance.
  • The accessory in preparation will enable additional functionalities, such as supplying signals to individual pins of both the OBD II sockets and ODB II connectors or triggering via pushbutton lines.

The option of providing the box with coloured connecting plugs and corresponding connecting sockets as well as variants of the box for other interfaces and special applications are available on request.

OBD breakout box5 Products
DetailsOBD breakout box
OBDBOB 8280 Al / 12V / SW
12 V version
DetailsOBD breakout box
OBDBOB 8280 Al / 24V / SW
24 V version
DetailsOBD breakout box for self-assembly
DetailsConnecting plug Ø 4 mm
with inline socket, 16 A
BRST 7922 Ni / ..(colour)
DetailsConnecting socket Ø 4 mm
press-in socket, solder terminal, 16 A
BRBU 7924 L ... / ..(colour)

Automotive KITs

Testing tool kits for the automotive industry are appropriate for use in professional vehicle
workshops and also by ambitious private owners.


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