To the future with a new structure

Our customers and suppliers know us as Gerhard Schützinger Labor-Schütz GmbH, divided in two business divisions: the worldwide marketing of electrical connectors for test and measurement, medical devices and more on one side and one of the largest commercial agencies in Germany on the other side.

The company was organised in two GmbHs in 2015.

Schützinger GmbH as the parent company with Bernhard Schützinger and Ursula Hansjosten as managing directors develops and manufactures electrical connectors. Being well acquainted with the commercial agency distribution channel, we do not undertake alone, but also give agencies abroad the task of helping us with this.

Our subsidiary company Schützinger Handelvertretung GmbH with Bernhard Schützinger and Harald Winkler as managing directors has been one of the largest commercial agencies in Germany.

2022 Schützinger GmbH decided to focus on the core business of electrical connectors. Schützinger Handelsvertretung GmbH is taken over by JUNG and continues as the JUNG Sales Centre South. 

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