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Further Development as a Source of Success

After its founding in 1951, Schützinger quickly made a name for itself with its range of electrical plug connections for measurement and testing labs. By taking on a series of representations for well-known German companies from the electrical engineering and electronics sector, Schützinger was able to continually build on its expertise on the market.

Today Schützinger is not just a supplier of a wide range of standard products in measurement technology; it also constructs and manufactures Electrical Connectors tailored to customer requirements for various different industries.

Chronicle 2010 till today

2022  JUNG takes over Schützinger Handelsvertretung GmbH.
           It is merged with the JUNG sales representatives and continues to operate 
           as the JUNG Sales Centre South. The branch is managed by Harald Winkler.

2015  Ursula Hansjosten becomes managing director of Schützinger GmbH.
           Opening of Schützinger's event center with showroom

2014  Take over of representation viveroo, Salzkotten

2014  Formation of Schützinger GmbH with Bernhard Schützinger as director.
           Formation of subsidiary Schützinger Handelsvertretung GmbH
           with the directors Bernhard Schützinger and Harald Winkler.
           Starting with building of the Schützinger’s event center at Eichwiesenring 4E.
           Michael Schützinger retires

2010  Take over of representation Wichmann, Attendorn

Chronicle 1990-2009

2006  Take over of representation Philips Lighting, Hamburg

2005  Take over of representation Flamro, Leiningen.
           Take over of representation EAS, Grünsfeld

2001  Schützinger is celebrating its 50th Anniversary.
           Take over of representations ELAN (till 2012), SPELSBERG (till 2008)
           and DAHL (till 2004)

1999  Take over of representation JUNG with 20 employees of the sales agency
           Simon / Leinfelden-Echterdingen

1996  Sale of TEHALIT to Hager. Take over of representation RAWE (till 2004)

1995  Take over of representation STEUTE

1993  The company was transfered by the company founder Gerhard Schützinger
           to his sons Bernhard & Michael

1992  Take over of representation RUTENBECK (till 2007)

Chronicle 1951-1989

1988  Bernhard and Michael Schützinger become shareholders of the company
           and are apponted managing directors. Sale of RAFI to Hoesch.
           Take over of representation DREEFS (till 1996)

1987  Expansion by acquisition of the office building in Eichwiesenring 6

1985  Take over of representation FELA/HILZINGER (till 1997).
           The company co-founder Elisabeth Schützinger retires

1979  Take over of representation ALBA (till 1999)

1978  Bernhard Schützinger enters the company

1977  Moving in the new building in Stuttgart-Fasanenhof

1976  Michael Schützinger enters the company

1961  Take over of representation SCHMERSAL (till 2012)

1960  Take over of representation TEHALIT (till 2001)

1952  Move from Gundelfingen to Stuttgart

1951  Formation of Labor-Schütz by Gerhard Schützinger (1921-2013) in Gundelfingen
           near Münsingen and take over of representation RAFI (till 1988)

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